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Hi, I'm Jeannie and  I illustrate Children's books. I have written and illustrated three of my own and now illustrate for others.  My work is all hand drawn and I mainly use water colours. I work in colour and black and white, frominitial concept through to the finished item.

My work is one of a classic style, which is still loved today, as i like to make each illustration have a soft edge.

You can see some of the stages below.




Once I have received the copy for the book, I start playing around with different sketch ideas for each character, seeing which idea works best.


Individual Characters

I then concentrate on creating the individual characters to really ensure I have captured their characters based on the story-line of the book.

Screenshot (10).png


Painting the illustrations

This is the start where I pull the illustrations together to start creating the final image.


Full image

This is a finished illustration. My style is one of soft edges giving the illustration more of a classic style, which is still loved today.

mouse from bottle 2 22 06 (2).png


Final Artwork Set

As you can see, this image has the illustration with the words set on the page.

Chapter 4 page 51 new.jpg
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